The Origional Smarter Lunchroom 100 Point Score Card

When you want to make changes but don't know where to start try starting with this Smarter Lunchrooms Score Card!   Here are 8 SLM Changes that the USDA reccomends if you are looking for to get going today!

1. Place your whole fruit in a nice bowl by the register and highlight it with nice lighting
2. Place fruit in two dierent spots on the lunch line
3. Give Fruits and Veggies creative names like x-ray vision carrots/monkey fruit (bananas)
4. Make white milk 1/3 of milk available and place it in front of avored milk
5. Bundle the items of a reimbursable lunch into a grab and go meal and give it a name
6. Use a large menu board to highlight the named and featured foods
7. Brand you cafeteria by naming it after the school mascot or local hero
8. Use colorful, attractive signs to draw attention to “fresh fruit/subs/salads today!”

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